Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Am An Expert

The past several months due to food allergies I have been on a new food program. Certain foods. Whole foods. No dairy. It has been challenging for me.

My wife gets up every morning and makes my breakfast and lunch. She works hard to create portions and types of foods for me based on foods I can eat. The past couple of days she has made salad for me. This morning I didn't say, "Thanks for making a delicious salad for me! I am so thankful that you get up every morning and make my breakfast and lunch". Instead I said, "Eating salad the past couple of days has been a challenge". I am such a whiner. I am such a complainer. I am such a grumbler. I've got a great lady in my life who is helping me eat well and I don't have to make anything. I should be doing cartwheels when I leave for work each morning. Although it didn't feel very good at the moment, my bride pointed out that I was doing a top notch job of bitching and complaining. As I write this I now understand why. She cuts up celery, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce. All I can muster up is a bunch of bitching. I really dislike this part of myself. I will be talking about this today with my "talking doctor". I have become an expert at griping, whining and complaining.

One of the people I follow on Twitter is @GuyKawasaki. Today he tweeted a YouTube clip about a young lady who is doing amazing things and has NO arms. Guy said, "Watch this video and you'll stop complaining". I watched it and realized just how much I need to stop complaining.

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  1. Mike, i take courses in bitching and moaning. i think i taught a few classes.

    as long as you are aware that you are doing this, you can make amends.

    **HUGS** we all need to take the 5 seconds to use our brains before we engage our mouths.