Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pastor's Tweets Not So Sweet

Scot McKnight wrote these words in a recent blog post:

"I’ve spent some time observing pastors who tweet or regularly update their status on Facebook, and I’m far from convinced it’s simply self-absorption or an attempt by little people to make themselves famous."

"We hear about (pastors) accomplishments but almost never any failures or disappointments, making the Twitter world largely a happy face community."

I agree with Scott's thoughts. What about you? Is Scott wrong? Is he right?

Read Scott's complete post by clicking here.


  1. I read lots of confession and recognition of weakness. I do not agree with him. But I would ask, if someone chooses to share their burdens in person with someone are they also obligated to do so on Twitter? I think there's another side to this coin.

  2. Why do I have to go through like 5 steps to publish a comment here? geez!

  3. I agree with Dobbs. I haven't seen it. In fact, after reading his post about it, I don't even get what he's saying. You get 140 characters ... just how confessing and failures can you confess there?

  4. Social media is a tool that everyone can use as suits them, like any other tool. I like its candid nature, which reveals subtleties in the nature of people who may feel free to post to an anonymous world things they might not say in person. If this reveals more about who my pastor really is, isn't it to my benefit?

    For us lay minister types, social media offers one more ministry field. Few people use it for prayers? I guess I'm one of the few, especially on FB with people I better know.

    And there's no telling how us feisty types distinguish between how we use Twitter, FB, blogs. ;D