Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4 Reasons I Love My Church

I Love My Church. It's called First United Methodist Church. You'll find it in Port Orange, FL. It's not perfect. As a matter of fact, it's really messed up but I love my church!

Why do I love my church? Here are 4 reasons.

Pastor Tom Nelson has an amazing heart. He likes it if you just call him "Tom". He doesn't look down on you if you don't call him "Reverend", "Father" or "Pastor". You don't need to kiss his ring or act like you're talking to a celebrity. He's got a crappy van and does not have a helicopter. He's also cool because he lived life before he became a pastor. He has been married, divorced and married again. Tom did a variety of jobs to make a living. As a pastor at this church he's got an extremely tough job. He has to make so many people happy. Before Tom started a little over a year ago, things weren't going so great at the church. As a matter of fact, things were pretty crappy. Through God, I really feel Tom has turned it around. I wouldn't want his job if I had a gun held to my head. Whatever they are paying him is not enough. He is a combination of tough and sensitive. His wife Michelle is great too. She doesn't look or act like she is the wife of a pastor. She is, for lack of a better word, “normal”. Pastor's wives can go either way. Way too cutting edge, runway model-like, nutty hairdos, lots of makeup and basically out of touch with most women. I am also thankful to see that Michelle does not do the “frumpy, I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders, I’m miserable and I am going to make sure you know it routine”. She actually seems to be supporting Tom without looking like a door mat and acting as though she is unhappy about what her husband is doing for a living.

Patrick our new worship pastor is great! He just started a couple of months ago. I love his enthusiasm and passion. He's around 25. When he was hired I was so happy because he wasn't un-hip and bald. He's got that worship pastor sticky up hairdo and he has tattoos. Young people can walk into our church for the very first time, take a look at Patrick and say, "Wow, this just might be a hip place to do church!" In a very short time, he has done some really adventurous things musically. I have also noticed that he is doing a great job when it comes to reaching out to people of all ages. Any worship pastor that can work with and hang out with the young and the old is amazing. Patrick is doing that.

Emily is our youth pastor. If you live in the Daytona Beach, FL area and you have kids, you need to check out what God is doing through Emily. Kids of all ages and backgrounds are coming to FUMC's youth group. Emily also has an extremely tough gig. She is successfully making parents and kids happy. One other thing I love about Emily. She is teaching the kids in youth group the importance of reaching out to the helpless and the hopeless.

They love me. Ask people I go to church with. Ask the people from the church I attended before this church. Ask my wife. I am not an extremely pleasant person to hang out with. I am really screwed up and messed up. I've got addictions. I am chock full of sin. I struggle with depression. I'm opinionated. I'm black and white. I think I know it all. I'm defensive. When I drink too much I get loud. I'm critical and judgmental. I cry when I'm happy or when I'm sad. I'm selfish and self centered. All that aside, I really feel that there are some people in my church that accept and love me even though I annoy them. One of the reasons that I describe my church as "messed up" is because I'm a member.

My church isn't perfect but I love my church. Why do you love your church?

If you'd like to visit my church you'll find out more info here:


  1. Nice blog, dude. It'd be cool to run this (or something like it) on I'm concerned that with so much cynicism circulating nowadays about the church that this kind of positive stuff has been lost. Whatcha think?

  2. The misconception for years has been that you have to be "good" to go to church. I've learned by pastors Tom and Jorge and some other really great people, that really messed up people HAVE to go to church to get do-overs. We get forgiven and blessed all the time.
    Mike, we love you BECAUSE you are all those things above. Janet

  3. That was really great, I think a lot of times people get a sterotype of what a church should look like and what the people going there should look like in their minds and that isn't it at all. It is about God, God loves all people....especially the sinners. We all struggle on a day by day basis and even though we mess up....God is always loving and always forgiving.

    Thank you for just being real and if I am ever in your neck of the woods I will be sure and check your church out. Be blessed!!