Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Reason YOUR CHURCH Must Twitter

It's been surprising to me to see how few churches are on twitter. In my opinion," if a church is NOT on twitter, they should have their heads examined". If churches (yes, there are exceptions) are on twitter, they are typically doing it wrong. What do I mean? Some churches and pastors believe that Twitter is a broadcast medium or a bullhorn. It's called "Social Media" not "ME, ME, ME media". When a church or pastor is on Twitter, it should be a conversation. My friend and pastor Steve Shears is on Twitter. In addition to using Twitter to listen and watch, Steve is doing some absolutely amazing things through live chats he is promoting through twitter. Within the past several days, through one my twitter accounts @HeRockzDotCom, I made contact with a lady who is from Oklahoma or @OkieGray on Twitter. It didn't take long for me to see that she was going through a rough time. See actual tweets from twitter below.

Me: @OkieGray How are you doing today?

Her: @HeRockzDotCom thanks for asking... feeling a bit sad today. You know you can't keep giving without getting "hurt." If that makes sense? :(

Me: @OkieGray I pray in the name of Jesus for healing in your heart and your mind and that He gives you a peace and calm that comes from Him.

Her: @HeRockzDotCom thanks for the prayer... we have got to find a nice church home here in Yukon, OK! Too much twitter time. I need peace & calm!

Her: @HeRockzDotCom I really need a spiritual advisor and the sooner the better. Got to get my head cleared up on some issues which make me sad!

After the tweet above, I asked her if it would be alright for me to send some people I trust her way. She said yes. At this point I asked pastors I know from twitter to connect with her through twitter

Me: Dear @johndobbs , @treymorgan , @steveshears , @rachelshears would you mind reaching out to @OkieGray ? She is lady in OK who could use an ear.

Right away, within moments, the pastor who is constantly watching and listening to Twitter responded. My good friend Steve Shears.

Pastor Steve Shears: @steveshears : @HeRockzDotCom cool Mike i'll follow @OkieGray

Pastor Steve Shears makes first contact with @OkieGray: @steveshears : Hello @OkieGray Good to meet ya Okie..

Not one of these tweets from a church leader or pastor were about their new I-Phone, their new building, their new carpet, the church bulletins, the capital campaign or the pastor's new "life-changing" podcast. Each of these tweets were directed at reaching out to someone who was hurting and then finding someone that they could connect with. There are so many lonely, broken, hurting people on Twitter just waiting for someone real, caring and authentic to reach out to them. Every church needs to be doing this. Are you?


  1. Mike, excellent and touching thoughts. Yes, I tweet and have also had a number of similar exchanges. I've even been able to discuss some pretty deep matters such as atheism, evolution, and other religions because of what one tweet triggered. These are in addition to the number of times I've prayed for someone on the basis of a tweet and told them so with a very positive reaction. This is really the conversational side of Twitter.

    Personally, I think tweeting about all the random stuff, the links, the personal interests, blog articles, etc. helps us meet people, make friends, and establish credibility so that when conversational opportunities come along, we're more prepared.

  2. Cool story, but I take issue with churches having to be on twitter. I agree that if they are, however, that they ought to be having these kinds of interactions, and not just advertising their services.

  3. Mike
    Great post and points. My problem is staying connected as the pastor, husband, and dad of three that I am. Shouldn't it be more that the pastor? I think social connection is a body thing. But your point I love always is to Tweet to relate not to pronounce.