Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men, How Dare You

How dare you? Who in the Hell do you think you are? Abusing a woman. Neglecting a woman. Being a coward. A fool. Who do you think you are? You're not God. You're just a man. You're not an impressive man. You're not a responsible man. You're not a noble man. You're not a respectable man. There is no excuse for any man who claims the name of Christ to treat a woman in a dishonorable, disrespectful way.
--Pastor Mark Driscoll

Men, watch the complete clip below. Does he have a point? Is Mark right or wrong? I watched it and was convicted. After watching this clip, will you treat your wife differently?


  1. I'm always so worried when Marc Driscoll preaches on what could be an inflammatory subject. He catches so much flak for not sugar-coating and thus some Christians find him offensive.

    All that to say this. Each time I hear him preach or read his books, I start off worried for him, but end up wanting to call him and say "Keep bringing it brother!" This video clip is yet another one of those instances.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Wow! Strong words! While I 100% agree with his message I struggle with his method of presenting it ...

  3. I believe that there are times when we need to shake people in the name of Jesus.

  4. I hope he preached a similar sermon to the women.

  5. Peter, with all due respect, this isn't about the women, it's about the men.

    Yes, the women need a woman to tell them to quit emasculating their husbands and other men in their lives with domineering disrespect, to quit seducing men (whether overtly or subtly), to dress and act and speak with modesty and propriety.

    But this is about the men who abuse, misuse, and neglect women in all manner of ways. Men need to own this message, if only on behalf of their stumbling brothers, without pointing fingers.

    Kevin, I fully appreciate your struggle with the presentation. I wouldn't want to hear this style of preaching all the time. But we sometimes bring some pretty strong music into the church which reaches people where other music fails to communicate. To unstop some deaf ears, I understand why the Holy Spirit might direct this style of presentation.

    I don't care how successful you are, in this area, if you are a failure, it clouds all of your dignity, it robs all of your masculinity.

    Mike, I thank you for having the guts to post this.

  6. P.S. to Mike:

    I thought I had your blog in my reader. I guess I didn't. I'm adding it now.

  7. I thought Bell could take Driscoll, but looks like he has bulked up. I still think me and Frank can take him.

    Sometimes, men will only listen when spoken to directly. Pretty direct approach. Hope it works.