Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Church of Twitter

My family and I have been going to a great church in Port Orange, FL. It's called First United Methodist Church. I also attend another great church. It's called the Church of Twitter.

In my opinion, the church should be about loving, caring, healing, sharing and helping each other. It should be about reaching out to ease the burden of others. The church should be looking and watching for those who are hurting and then taking action. I've seen all of these things in "action" while attending the Church of Twitter.

When my twitter account got hacked, tweeps were there to help me. When I had questions about blogging or facebook, tweeps were there to assist me. When I went to visit my dying Grandmother, tweeps were there to support me. When my Grandmother died, tweeps were there to comfort me. When I got a new job promotion, tweeps were there to congratulate me. When I was in the ER, tweeps were there to visit me. When a homeless woman and her son were living in a car, tweeps were there to give them a home. When the poor and the broken were hungry, tweeps were there to feed them. When a family needed a washer, tweeps were there to buy them a new one.

You're invited to the Church of Twitter. It's open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Just open the door and see all the tweeple.

"While most of us know this, we still need to be reminded that the church is not a specific building or location. Our buildings and programs create environments for church to happen but they are no more or less sacred than our living room or the neighborhood pub."
--Brad Ruggles


  1. Good point, Mike. I never really thought of it that way, but you're right on.

  2. Cool. I'm already a regular member of three congregations. Glad to have a fourth, even if my attendance is spotty.

    Now if someone could just tell me the Twitter app for hugging people at this chuch like I do in the other three. :D

  3. Cool! I love being a part of the Church on Twitter!

  4. Pretty neat thought, Mike. If church is a place where people belong and connect with other people, I've definitely found Twitter to be just that for me - a place to connect.

  5. the Church of Twitter... love this! I had thought of it as a community, but I like this idea too.

    Russell... I snorted very loud when I read your comment. :)

    Nice post, Mike.

  6. There is a closeness that flies in the face of what most people think about "online." I've experienced it as well. I've even seen online prayers, in addition to online fellowship, teaching and learning.

  7. this is very cute.
    and you make me think...it is amazing where church can be found.

  8. Mike, I totally agree! When I was away from Twitter for several days over Thanksgiving, I had tweeps calling me on my cell phone to make sure I was okay! My people rock my world, but my TWEEPLE keep me sane! Praise Jesus for them!

  9. Totally agree Michael. We all need to be surrounded by other christians 24/7 not just on Sunday. More importantly we need to walk each day together. My name will link to my twitter, connect when you have a moment.