Friday, December 4, 2009

Who Wrote These Words?

"When Deep Injury Is Done To Us,
We Never Recover Until We Forgive...
Forgiveness Does Not Change The Past,
But It Does Enlarge The Future."

Who wrote these words? Watch the YouTube clip below for the answer.

Are You Ready To Recover? It's Time To Forgive.

Find out more about the person who wrote the powerful words above by clicking here, here and here.

(Thank you to Kevin Martineau and Desperate Pastor)


  1. My house has been a hectic place, and busy days or late quiet nights prevented me playing the audio on this. I guess I didn't need any audio to get the impact, to be brought to tears running down my cheeks.

    If I hadn't just RT'd a bunch of stuff I'd do that for this right now. I'm going to wait a bit and do that, tho. Put it on Facebook, too.

    You come up with some mighty awesome stuff to put here, my friend.