Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Like Father Like Son"

My friend Russell told me the other day that Louie Mercer wrote a post on his blog about my son and I. I finally took the time to check it out. Louie is someone I truly respect and have always appreciated his friendship and encouragement. See his post below.

My buddy Mike Ellis is a great guy. I did a cold weather shelter gig with him last night where he brings in these cats that don’t have a place to stay and when it is cold, Mike gets them to his church and gets them fed, clothed, listens to some music, a message, then a movie. Now, you may know Mike through his blog or twitter…..but I know the real Mike. It is because we are buddies. I know the real deal, flame shirt, got kicked out of a church for putting stuff in the men’s room, shorts, flip flops, bald head, big as a bouncer, knows every sly comment in the book sort of guy. When he is in front of people, he is in his prime. A man who loves life and people and his family.

Last night I saw his young son Devon serving homeless people. He was so happy. Just like his dad. A chip off of the old block. I saw something else. As I was teaching these folks, about 40 of them and about 20 helpers from Mike’s church, I gave an invitation. It was for salvation…..a gift just at Christmas ……. just like Jesus would have wanted. I also asked for those that needed to get right with God….to do it…

I saw Mike raise his hand, with 17 other people who wanted to get right with God. Mike wants to be closer to God…..just like me. And I saw his son…looking up at Dad…..seeing dad want to be closer with the Lord…..and I saw Devon raise his hand too…… like father….like son.

I could not help but think about how much Mike means to his son…..and how much his son means to Mike. That is the way Jesus is with the Father……and with us. As we share our lives with Jesus Christ….we become sons of God. It is a gift. Want to get right with God? Just do it today. Need help…email me and I will chat or call you…….just like my dad would do…and still does at 83….or so.

Louie's email address is:

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