Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Do Norm and I Have In Common?

"Oh Crap, Norm Wants To Come Over."

That was my first thought when I was reminded that my homeless friend Norm was coming over to my apartment to do his laundry. I even whined about it on Twitter.

Norm and his backpack full of laundry were waiting for me when I got home. I opened the door and he walked in. What was the first thing that Norm said? "Mike, you've really got a great place. This is really nice!" I've lost track of how many times I've complained about my somewhat crappy apartment. Norm thought it was a palace.

As Norm walked to the laundry room I asked him if he needed something to eat. "Mike, I'm okay. I'm a survivor you know," he said. I convinced Norm the survivor to eat some frozen pasta I heated up in the microwave. When I handed it to Norm he looked at the pasta the same way you and I look at a plate of steak and lobster.

I left Norm, his laundry and bowl of pasta while I went to a nearby Bible study. As I was leaving Norm said, "Mike, don't worry. I'll take good care of the place while you're gone."

When I came home Norm was finishing up his laundry and packing it up in his backpack. I offered Norm a ride to his home in the woods. Norm said, "No. Mike, you've done enough." When I walked into the kitchen I realized that Norm had cleaned his dinner dishes.

As he was leaving Norm asked, "Hey Mike, isn't your son Devon coming to visit soon?" I told Norm that plans had changed and Devon wouldn't be coming to Florida until summer. Norm said, "I'm looking forward to seeing him. He's a good boy. I miss him."

A large man who lives in an apartment and a skinny, homeless man who lives in the woods had something in common. We both missed a boy named Devon.


  1. You have SUCH a beautiful spirit. :)

    I love to hear things like this.

    I'm featuring this post on my blog tomorrow.