Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Do You Do?

What do you do when your friend Jake is homeless, needs a new pair of jeans, is cold and needs something to eat? You make sure that he gets a new pair of jeans, has a warm place to stay and a plate full of hot food.

What do you do when Jake has a 70th birthday? You take him out to lunch with your girlfriend Kristina and her family.

What do you do when Jake needs a new tube for his bike tire? You take him to K-Mart and buy him one. What do you do when Jake invites you to his camp? You follow him and visit his camp.

What do you do when you say goodbye to Jake when you know he is slowing dying from colon cancer? You hug him real hard, whisper in his ear "I love you" and pray that you'll get to see him again.

What do you do after you spend the afternoon with Jake? You realize how much you've been given and how much more you should give.


  1. Mike,

    God has a special place in heaven for you.

  2. Most people can give gifts to those in need, although not all do. Giving of yourself--your time, your heart, your love--is the lasting investment. Hope Jake had a wonderful birthday.

  3. wow. what an awesome reminder of how we're supposed to live. thanks mike. reposting... :)

  4. Beautiful, Mike. Thank you for living His love.

  5. These posts almost make me cry. :)

    Love you Mike!