Sunday, December 26, 2010

Video: My Christmas Day in Florida

Run for your lives. My gal pal Kristina gave me a Sony HD bloggie camera for Christmas. You know what that means? You'll be seeing truckloads of video clips on this blog from Mike "Spielberg" Ellis.

Christmas morning Kristina and I spent with my daughter Kiersten, my grandson's father Eric and my grandson Troy.

After our morning with Troy we stopped so that I could (guess what?) shoot some video of your ace travel reporter Mike "Discovery Channel" Ellis by the ocean in Flagler Beach, FL.

We saved the best for last Christmas day. Kristina and I along with many others served "the least of these" at the homeless shelter.


  1. I can't see the videos here at work, but look forward to checking them out soon. Sounds great! And blessings to you, Mike.

  2. I love you with a video camera! Dude, you're like sunshine.