Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Putting Away The Pinata

From WikiPedia:

In the United States, the pinata is a popular game for birthday parties. A donkey shape is the most common, although various other pop culture based designs have become common. A common tradition is to spin the batter before he or she tries to hit the pinata, making the person dizzy. Pinatas are commonly full of candy and other treats.

The original pinata was shaped like a star with seven points. The points represented the seven deadly sins, and the bright colors of the pinata symbolized temptation. The blindfold represented faith and the stick represented virtue or the will to overcome sin. The candies and other goodies inside the pinata represented the riches of the kingdom of heaven, thus teaching that with faith and virtue one could overcome sin and receive all the rewards of heaven.

My pinatas:

The pinatas I've been beating on have taken on many shapes, colors and descriptions.

Because I've been hurt by the church, I've been beating up on my church pinata.

Because I've been hurt by my father, I've been beating up on my father pinata.

Because I've been hurt by relationships, marriages and divorce, I've been giving those pinatas a good beating too.

But the biggest pinata looks like me. I've been beating up on that pinata for years. Lately it's really been taking a beating.

I'm really good at pointing out how other people are beating up on their pinatas. It helps me to avoid that fact that I'm pinata punching too.

I'm going to work on putting away my pinatas. All of my sticks are broke, nearly all of the treats have fallen out and the pinatas seem to be in the need of repair.

What about you? Do you have a pinata? What does your pinata look like? Do you need to your put your pinata away?


  1. Mike...how about we get together like we discussed soon?

  2. I'm the kid who's so dizzy she can't find the silly thing. I'm just swatting at air.

  3. "But the biggest pinata looks like me. I've been beating up on that pinata for years. Lately it's really been taking a beating."

    Apparently I'm still having issues here...

    Thanks for the reminder to not judge, too. The pinata image helped!

  4. We are our own worst critics. Put the stick down and remind yourself that you as much as anyone deserve your love and attention. We can't heal the world if we can't heal ourselves.
    Love ya buddy.

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