Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watching American Idol With Norm

Norm is homeless and he knows where I live. After work, he stopped by to do his laundry. While he was washing his clothes I went for a walk. When I came back from my jaunt down the road, Norm had made some dinner, did the dishes and fed the cat that lives outside my front door. When Norm comes over he likes to watch TV. Tonight I forced Norm to watch American Idol with me. I was surprised how much Norm knew about one of my guilty pleasures, American Idol.

"J-Lo must have a really great heart. Have you seen her husband? He's not very good looking. You know, maybe he has a great heart too. Maybe they both have great hearts. It's the only way they could be together. She's very good looking and he's not much of a looker."

"Mike, I'll be leaving after the show. I want to see who gets voted off."

During a commercial Norm said something totally unrelated to Idol.

"Mike, I was reading the National Enquirer the other day. Did you know that Mariah Carey's sister is a prostitute? If it's in the Enquirer it must be true." And then Norm looked at me and laughed.

When the show was over it was time for Norm to go. As he was walking to his bike he looked at me and said, "Mike, you know I really appreciate this bike that you gave me. I've had it for a long time. I can't believe it hasn't been stolen. People have offered me money for it. Some people have said that I should get some money for it at the pawn shop. I'll never let this bike go. You're my friend Mike. I'm not selling something you gave to me."

American Idol was over. Norm hugged me and said, "I love you Mike. Talk to you next week."

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  1. Like Norm, I love you. In addition, I love you for the way you love Norm. Further, I'm thankful for the One from whom you learned that kind of love.