Saturday, April 30, 2011

Always Something

I woke up today and had the ability to get out of bed, put on my shoes, shirt and shorts. I was able to walk 4 miles.

I spent several hours with my new friends Jim and Jeff. They shared their house, laughter, lunch and love with me.

I was given the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to help a man with his computer.

My friends Lou and Jenn have stood by me through thick and thin. They invited me to their home tonight for dinner and a movie.

My daughter Kiersten and her family made it safe to their new home in Mississippi. She sent me photos of their new home.

I spent the entire day with my dear girlfriend Kristina. She made me laugh and encouraged me. She does that everyday.

I have an apartment to live in, a truck that gives me the ability to drive where I need to go and I have food in the kitchen.

I have friends and family that truly love me even though they know most of my faults. Heck, I even have friends and family that love me even though they know all of my faults.

It's so easy for me to complain, be negative and pessimistic. The negativity, complaints and pessimism melt away when I make a list of the things I should be thankful for.

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. What is on your list?


  1. Sometimes it's tough, all things I have to be greatful for are the things I take for granted. How many people would agree with that?