Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Messed Up Guest Post: "Give To Give"

What in the heck are you talking about? "Give to Give"? Now, If I mow the lawn, clean the house, do the dishes and mop the floor, my bride should be giving me some red-hot loving, right? Well, that's up to her but I shouldn't "Give to Her and Expect Anything in Return". What? Now that's Messed Up! What if all of us "Gave and Expected Nothing In Return"? What if we simply "Gave to Give" and that was the bottom line? It can get crazier than that. What if we "Gave To Give Something Greater in Return"? More Giving? Now that's really Messed Up! My friend Peter Pollock (@peterpollock on Twitter) has a great post on this topic on his blog. Check it out below:

"I was thinking about Jesus… and I was trying to think of when he asked anyone for anything, when he took anything from anyone.

I came up with:

  • The woman at the well. Jesus asked her for something to drink.
  • The disciples. Jesus asked them to follow him.
  • Maybe the food from the boy when Jesus fed the five thousand.

It seems that every time Jesus asked someone for something, he did so in order to be able to give them something greater in return."

Read the rest of Peter's post by clicking here.


  1. Whenever I have 'given' anything, I have always had something good happen to me. I consider it a "karma" thing.

    Giving to give is good.