Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thoughts From "A Sticky Church"

"Whatever you do to reach people you have to continue to do to keep them."

"Ultimately, a church grows in one of two ways: It gets more people to come through the front door, or it stops losing people out the back door."

"...if you're only focusing on getting people in the front door (the number of people attending services) you'll be losing people out the back, your evangelism will be harder and less natural."

"A Sticky Church is a true “harvest” Church that keeps the majority of their new converts by helping them grow to maturity."

"Sticky Church is about focusing less on marketing and more on getting new people engaged and keeping them in the church."

"What’s your ministry strategy? Are you opening up your front door wide while allowing your back door to remain wide open?"

These thoughts and quotes came from a book called "A Sticky Church".

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