Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wives, Read This: "Husband Building"

The Red Hot Momma has noticed that some times we women forget to have vision. We see the laundry, the stinking dishes in the kitchen sink and messy garage instead. It is easy to get on a roll with our friends about the seemingly unlimited flaws of our husbands. Not only is it socially acceptable to bemoan our nuptials to such “pathetic creatures”, it’s expected.

But we are Christians. Christianity, by it’s very nature, is counter cultural. Jesus takes worldly standards and turns them upside down. Leaving us way better off. I think it’s time to follow his lead. It is high time for wives to regain our position as number one fan of our husbands. Husband bashing is ”OUT”, husband building is ”IN”.

When you were dating, newly married this was simple. You did it without even thinking. His jokes were hilarious. His opinions profound. He was gorgeous and rugged. Interesting and even intriguing. Yes, I know. Life has a way of tarnishing his image, but it’s your job to hold on to it. To remember.

Love him. Root for him. Have faith in his goodness even when he can’t see it in himself. When he screws up, acknowledge that you could see where he was headed, even if he jumped the track a few miles back. Believe that he will do great things and be thankful you are the one he has chosen to be by his side. I promise you will both be happier.

Build him up everyday, because the world is working hard to tear him down.

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  1. Mike . . . You are soooo mesed up . . . like me . . . love you Bro.