Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Mother's Day That Doesn't Fit

I know several people that experience various emotions on Mother's Day. On Mother's Day and every day, they face challenges and emotions that don't fit into a neat, tidy Mother's Day box. Mother's Day greeting cards are full of smiles, warmth and love. You won't find Hallmark cards that showcase these "less than perfect" situations.

After leaving an abusive situation, young mothers and children that live on the street.

Today, children are mourning the death of their mother. A little girl who will go to bed crying, "Where is my mommy?"

Some men play the starring role of "single dad" and "single mom".

Mothers that struggle to feed their children.

Moms who mourn the choices they made days, months and years ago.

Her children have died. She lives today and everyday grieving their loss.

The mom who has made so many mistakes that her children have walked away from her destructive life.

Single moms that give everything they have for their children.

What did I miss? What doesn't fit into the neat, tidy Mother's Day box?

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  1. "Remember the kids who live everyday without their mom"
    Thanks for posting a "different angle" on Mother's Day. This week one of my student's mother passed away, she just lost her dad two years ago. We'll definitely be remembering her in our prayers this Sunday, and any prayers sent her way by your readers would definitely help.