Monday, May 16, 2011

Tell Me When

I've written many times about my homeless friend Norm on this blog and through other forms of social media. Norm is more than just one homeless man who lives in the woods. To me he represents all of the poor, the lonely and those that we have kicked to the curb. The men and women that God has asked me not to forget. Do me a favor. Tell me when I forget about Norm. When will you know that I've forgotten about Norm?

When my heart stops breaking whenever I see a homeless person.

When I don't cry while I'm listening to a song about the hungry.

When I don't stop to see if a woman in a wheelchair needs a ride during a rain storm.

When I don't ask someone on a park bench if they need something to eat.

When I hold on tight to my stuff and forget that it's not mine anyway.

When I spend more time sharing pictures of my pool instead of standing up for the poor.

When I brag about my new SUV instead of hurting for those with HIV.

When I spend more time looking at photos of stars at Cannes instead feeding men who dig out of garbage cans.

When I've decided that there is something more acute than visiting with a prostitute.

When I ignore Norm while he is knocking on my door.

When what Jesus has asked me to do becomes hazy and I become lazy, do me a favor. Tell me when I forget about Norm.

"When a needy person stands at your door, God himself stands at his side." ~Hebrew Proverb

Thank you Ronne Rock. The proverb you tweeted above was part of the inspiration behind this blog post.

The photos in this blog post were introduced to me by one of my heroes, Trey Morgan. Trey, Byron Sommardahl, Marc Tindall and others love people who live at the dump.


  1. Love it, Mike. I feel the same way.

  2. That is awesome! Keeps things in perspective. Thanks.