Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smiling Steve Got a Job

When I first began visiting Taco Bell for lunch I thought it was all about putting beefy five layer burritos in my belly. Quickly I found out it wasn't about me or my belly. It was all about the homeless men and women I would meet when I pulled into the parking lot. Call me crazy but it's hard for me to ignore a human who is having a hard time. I don't give them money but I'm always willing to ask if I can buy them a taco or two.

Today as I was pulling into the parking lot I saw Steve. I got out of my truck and asked him if he was hungry. Enthusiastically and with the biggest smile you could imagine he said, "Mike, I'm not hungry. I've got a job. I've been working for almost two weeks. I'm so excited." I was so excited for Steve that I'm pretty sure I nearly pulled his arm off while I was shaking his hand.

The smile fell off Steve's face when he looked me in the eye and said, "Mike, I'm covered. You don't need to buy me a taco today but you see my friend Scott under that tree taking a nap? He hasn't eaten since last night. Would you get him something to eat?"

Steve smiled and thanked me after I said, "yes". I walked into Taco Bell and bought his friend a taco or two.


  1. Seeing ♥love♥ passed on is the very BEST kind of love, dontcha think? :D

  2. Awesome man, great testimony :)

  3. It's so hard sometimes to just help where someone is, ya know? I tend to want to solve all their problems. Only recently, in the middle of trying to do that for a family in need that I realized I can't do that. There are many reasons I can't - too many issues, not enough money to solve the problems (as if it's all a money issue), and this one...

    I'm not supposed to.

    I'm obedient in helping where they are - in that moment - through listening, buying a lunch, giving a ride, paying a bill - but I can't solve all their issues.

    Can one person solve all our issues?

    No earthly person can - but Jesus can.

    I've learned more in being still and listening to the Holy Spirits nudgings than steaming off on my own to "solve" someone's problems.

    Thank you for posting this today. It was a reminder of what He's taught me.